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Sept 11

Sep 11 2008 Published by under General

7 years ago I was sitting in my apartment in a small town at the tip of Lake Ontario with housemates and friends.

Like everyone that day we were glued to the television, watching the news in disbelief. It was the second day of second year and I’ll never forget the confusion that was emanating from everyone.

7 years later I stepped out of my apartment on the evening of Sept 10th and snapped this photo:


I’ve always been aware of how quickly the world changes. But in the past two years I’ve learned to deeply appreciate that life unfolds. It’s important that we welcome and accept the evolving nature of our lives.

Change is one common element that we all share.

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Summer in NYC

Jul 28 2008 Published by under General,Startup Strategy

Summer in NYC is wonderful. The streets are buzzing at all times of the day with an infectious energy that’s missing in the winter. The parks are filled with active people, the subways are hot, and cafes and restaurants are lively.

And in the evening there’s nothing better than relaxing on a patio while sipping a beer as the sun dips over the horizon.

I’ve tried to enjoy all that the city offers in the summer but I’ve also had a busy travel schedule (work and pleasure). There have been multiple trips to SF, a trip to Chicago, Ottawa, and Australia. It’s been a remarkable few months.

The past few months have also been remarkable with respect to building the business. There are a bunch of things to share, not all of them here, not all of them now.

I’m immensely proud of what we’re building. If you want to participate in the alpha, just drop me a note.

There are also a few posts (and excellent discussions) on our site that may be of interest to you:

PS, I now have my life savings invested into kiva 😉

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In Austin

Mar 10 2008 Published by under General

I’ve been out of touch with too many for three weeks. Hello? Hi. I’m here. Here for the past three weeks has been a difficult place to define.

Currently I’m in Austin. It was a long trip. Last Week I was in San Diego with Alex at ETech. It was a trip. The week before I was in San Francisco. Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge at night, towards SF, is something that everyone should experience.

If you’re in Austin let’s get together over a beer to discuss commercializing emerging web technologies. Drop me a note or stop by booth #228 to lock down time/place/beer type :)

And if you want to track my adventures in a more granular way, follow me on twitter. Ta-ta!

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Theme for 2008: Unclutter

Mar 08 2008 Published by under General

It’s important to remember that the best things in life aren’t things.

best things

My theme and focus for 2008? To unclutter my life in as many respects as possible.

The thought originated as as I packed in anticipation of the move to the US. I was forced to realize just how much stuff I had. Stuff I had no need for. Stuff that created stress.

So I set out to focus on only bringing the things that really mattered. Two suitcases made the move with me. I’ve been here for two months and haven’t needed anything. In fact, it’s been stress reducing.

From there I focused on uncluttering the rest of my life. Stripping away things and embracing constraints in a diverse area.

Focus on what’s important.

I’ve been trying to really focus on loved ones, family and friends, because there’s nothing more critical. In our connected age it’s easy to form connections with many but it’s important to invest into those that matter most.

Goodbye stuff. I’ve embraced and learned to love simplistic living. It’s rewarding.

Google Reader used to bring me piles of information. That I skimmed. I fell into the bad habit of RSS overload, too many unread items would pile up and I would put aside interesting and thought provoking pieces to “read when I had time.” I would focus on body-count: plowing through uninteresting articles to lessen the stress-creating number of unreads. I’ve paired down 100 subscriptions to 10. I’m about to give up on the reader altogether. I’m now reading more, thinking deeper, and enjoying the returns.

Inbox? I’m clearing it out before I end each day.

Focusing on the moment. Friends know that my mind is generally in multiple places, racing from concept to concept. I’m working on focusing – and enjoying – the moment. The price was dear, a costly lack of focus and heightened anxiety. This is a hard one to work on, but I’m investing into it heavily.

I’m bringing the ‘uncluttered’ theme to every aspect of my life. So far it’s been a wonderful experience.

What can you focus less on in order to focus more?

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Feb 17 2008 Published by under General

Remember when this blog was relevant? Me either.

I do remember when it was fun. And alive. What happened? Life. Sadly the asset that was DisruptiveThoughts has slowly eroded. Gone. I want to invest into it – to build it up while enjoying a hectic life.

What to do?

Follow the advice a Nobel Laureate gives to dieters: donate to the Nazi party.

Commitment contracts, a constructed incentive to promote task completion. To this end, I’ve written and signed a contract to donate to Kiva every week that I don’t post 4 times.

Relevance isn’t the goal. It’s always been about thinking. See you tomorrow.

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