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The Evolving Nature of Technology Adoption

Sep 15 2008 Published by under Startup Strategy

I’m speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo that is being held in NYC this week. My session is in the strategy stream and is titled “The Real, Long-lasting (and Negative) Impact of Web 2.0 on Technology Adoption.”

There are three pieces to the session: web 2.0 trends that have impacted technology adoption; the impact of those trends; and finally, ways to adapt and succeed in this new world.

Here’s some exploratory thoughts on the impact of web 2.0 trends on technology adoption. I’ll post ways to adapt and succeed in this new world following the conference.

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Sept 11

Sep 11 2008 Published by under General

7 years ago I was sitting in my apartment in a small town at the tip of Lake Ontario with housemates and friends.

Like everyone that day we were glued to the television, watching the news in disbelief. It was the second day of second year and I’ll never forget the confusion that was emanating from everyone.

7 years later I stepped out of my apartment on the evening of Sept 10th and snapped this photo:


I’ve always been aware of how quickly the world changes. But in the past two years I’ve learned to deeply appreciate that life unfolds. It’s important that we welcome and accept the evolving nature of our lives.

Change is one common element that we all share.

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