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Say Hello to Mkama

Feb 24 2008 Published by under Social Enterprise

A new addition to my Kiva portfolio, Mkama is a 43 year old Tanzanian entrepreneur. He started his clothing business 8 years ago. Mkama works 12 hours a day, has taken one Kiva loan already and is now looking to scale his business.

He’s also the first entrepreneur in a developing country that will benefit from my new incentive program.

Regular readers know of my love for Kiva and how they’re reshaping the world of philanthropy and helping to change the world by creating an “online lending platform” that connects lenders to entrepreneurs in developing countries. The service aggregates small amounts of money from individuals in the developed world and distributes micro-loans to individuals in developing nations, allowing them to find a path out of poverty. A remarkable thing.

Mkama, I’m glad to help you out. Looking forward to following your progress over the months.

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Songs of the Year – Best of 07: Number 5

Feb 23 2008 Published by under Media

I’ve moved a lot over the past 5 years. 7 times. There’s something about the first night in a new place. Anticipated excitement. The thrill of daydreaming about what the place can look like.

There’s always a tradition I follow that first night: plug in receiver, hook up speakers, and listen to the song of the moment on repeat while I dance around the place.

Al can attest to this. When I showed up in T.O. I celebrated my arrival by taking out a street lamp with my UHaul and then toasted the moment by listening to Mr. Brightside about a hundred times.

Last June I closed on my house, an old little two bedroom near the heart of Westdale. I moved two things over the first night: my bed and my stereo. It was hot. I was sweaty. Forever I will remember blasting my 5th favourite song of 2007 over and over while I ran around the place, blown away that it was ‘mine.’

My 5th favourite song of 2007 is of Montrealsuffer for fashion.

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Songs of the Year – Best of 07: Number 6

Feb 18 2008 Published by under Media

The lethargic pace with which I’m working through this list has little to do with the minimal attention I’ve given this site. It has everything to do with public taste catching up to my eclectic ear.

Kidding, of course.

Although, I do continue to believe there will be a day when the world understands the brilliance that is Brother Ali.

I remember coming across him for the first time. It was at a live show in a tiny club in Toronto. Al and I – stained by sweat and soaked in beer – left the club and spent a long walk home trying to figure out not who the unknown opening act was but why he sang so passionately about being a minority.

Sure we were young and drunk. But a white male singing about the struggles of a minority? “Maybe he was doing an Ani Difranco cover song?” Maybe. For the entire concert? “Meh, maybe he’s that artistic.”

Turns out he’s albino.

His second full length album on RSE released this year. It’s stellar.

Here’s my favorite song on the album and my 6th favorite song of 2007.

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Feb 17 2008 Published by under General

Remember when this blog was relevant? Me either.

I do remember when it was fun. And alive. What happened? Life. Sadly the asset that was DisruptiveThoughts has slowly eroded. Gone. I want to invest into it – to build it up while enjoying a hectic life.

What to do?

Follow the advice a Nobel Laureate gives to dieters: donate to the Nazi party.

Commitment contracts, a constructed incentive to promote task completion. To this end, I’ve written and signed a contract to donate to Kiva every week that I don’t post 4 times.

Relevance isn’t the goal. It’s always been about thinking. See you tomorrow.

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