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Business Engineering Tips for Startups

Nov 29 2007 Published by under Startup Strategy

Over on the BlueBlog Alex has, as Duncan said, “another great post.” This time Alex has tackled Software Engineering Tips for Startups, providing eight insightful points that outline the new rules of software engineering for startups.

AdaptiveBlue practices what Alex preaches; as I mentioned in the I Write Code movement, we have rock star software engineers. Alex, Karen, and Jeff never cease to amaze me with what they’re able to build. In the post Alex states that “coding becomes sculpting” in the sense of an agile development culture that “starts with a shapeless form and continuously refines the
code.” The reality is that our small team sculpts and creates code in the artistic sense, each stroke skillfully crafted to advance the piece.

As I was reading Alex’s post it dawned on me that there’s a business counterpoint for every item raised. Sure code’s critical but it will forever require breakthrough business ideas, new utilities for society and the next big thought to retain its importance. While well written code may be poetry, in the absence of consumer value or utility it’s poetry that’s nothing more than efficient if / else statements.

Here they are.

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Heading to San Francisco

Nov 29 2007 Published by under General

Hi friends (especially those on the west coast), I’ll be in San Francisco for the first time from December 9th until the 12th.

Anyone want to grab a drink and say hello? Drop me a note – there’s a bunch of you I’d love to say hello to. Hey, and if you’re on Dopplr add me.

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Daniel Libeskind

Nov 13 2007 Published by under General

Alex and I went running in Denver (the altitude destroyed us) and I really liked the addition that’s been built on the Denver Art Museum.

denver museum

It looked very similar to the extension that’s being built on the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

toronto rom

Turns out that both were designed by Daniel Libeskind. Cool. Hopefully the extension on the ROM settles into the skyline over time to be as uniquely beautiful as the Denver Museum.

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Thoughts on Boulder’s Tech Scene

Nov 13 2007 Published by under General

“We’re number one of the second tier.”

That’s how Me.dium co-founder Robert Reich described Boulder. And if you think about this for a moment you’ll realize that this is an advantageous position to hold. My Canadian Idol Theory holds up (More on this in a later post. Really). The city is big enough to provide meaningful support, yet not so big that tech start-ups become meaningless in the news.

I spent three days in Boulder (/Denver) last week and my impression of the emerging tech scene in that city continues to strengthen. Today, while thinking about my time there during a run it became official, I’ve become a fanboy of Boulder. What’s happening there is special and I hope that hasn’t been lost on those who are immersed in it.
There was such a feeling of community.

A warm dinner the first night with Brad, Ryan, Jason, and Chris (note: warmth may have resulted from Sake + altitude :)) helped set the tone for our time in Boulder. I enjoyed meeting familiar names like David from Colorado Start-ups and Tara from Lijit (who provided a tonne of helpful advice… and jokes! What is the deal with the extra dot in

The guys from Me.dium – Kimbal Musk, Robert Reich, and David Mandell – were helpful beyond belief and played wonderful hosts, inviting us to present at Boulder’s New Technology Meetup during a few minutes of downtime before heading to The Kitchen, Kimbal’s restuarant, for an incredible meal (I highly recommend the garlic fries).

It was fun to meet Josh from Intense Debate (more on this soon) and I’m looking forward to growing a friendship with him – it’s already started by swapping stories about moving thousands of miles to join a start-up and chase a dream. Stan must have drawn the shortest straw, having to eat dinner beside me two nights in a row. I really enjoyed chatting with Kevin, a mobile rock-star (Tiny Twitter!), while discussing the finer points of a start-up playoffs website (may have been the wine + altitude :)). And best of luck to Ari as he works towards Filtrboxes launch!

I was impressed with how the connections and relationships were woven together, everyone supporting one another in a way that transcended a working relationship and approached friendship. That’s a powerful community builder and something that happens from being the number one of the second tier. Hopefully I’ll be in Boulder again, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again and seeing just how well the various companies are doing. Thanks everyone for making our trip so warm.

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Jay Z – VH1’s Storytellers

Nov 12 2007 Published by under Media

Jay Z performed in Brooklyn the other night with a live band for VH1’s Storytellers series.

jay z, don't mess

He did 9 songs from his American Gangster album and you can find high quality copies of the entire performance on the excellent 2dopeboyz blog.

Guilty pleasure? Sure, but one of my favourite albums of all time is Atmosphere’s Sad Clown Bad Dub 3 – hip hop set against live instrumentation is a rich experience.

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