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Choice. Too Much A Negative Thing? (A Book Review).

Jan 14 2007 Published by under Media,Startup Strategy

I’m a self described life long learner. It’s simply that I’m just too curious to not always be learning.

Since November, inspired by thoughts that stemmed from these posts, I’ve been interested in choice, and, more specifically, how it relates to product design and development.

Reading Nate’s experiences with jean shopping reminded me of a book I read in December that’s worth a read if you’re into product design and development.

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Music of the Moment – Cold War Kids

Jan 14 2007 Published by under Media

The Cold War Kids, a group from Long Beach, have been in heavy rotation on my stereo for the past few weeks. While my favourite track on their debut album, Robbers and Cowards, is still Hang Me Up To Dry there are a number of other gems.

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What Are You Optimistic About?

Jan 10 2007 Published by under Social Enterprise

This years Edge question is exactly that – what are you optimistic about?

Lots of smart people answered.

Here’s why I’m optimistic:

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Dreams for MyBlogLog and My Continued Cheerleading for Yahoo

Jan 09 2007 Published by under Startup Strategy

Most good stories have tumultuous plot lines – the hero, after facing serious difficulties, weathers the storm to rise above the challenges to triumph in the end.

Yahoo’s acquisition of MyBlogLog feels like an inflexion point in a series of stories that I’ve been following over the past few months.

What’s unknown is the direction the story takes after this point.

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Seek Wisdom

Jan 09 2007 Published by under General

In my Knowing More By Knowing Less post I stressed the importance of understanding, and aggregating, concepts in today’s world:

It’s the aggregation of concepts where one can really extend their learning. An imagination filled with an understanding of concepts creates value in today’s world.

I’ve now found a nice way to layout the reasons why one should “effectively use the tools that allow you to forget.”

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