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Harvard Business Review in One Word (or less): Podcast

Jan 30 2007 Published by under Startup Strategy


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Jan 29 2007 Published by under General

I’m in Vancouver for the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise. It should be a great two days; I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

We managed to escape to Whistler today – ahead of the conference. Perfect weather, great ski conditions and what felt like an empty mountain. What a day!

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Who Makes You Think?

Jan 18 2007 Published by under General

Who makes you think? Who challenges your thoughts and assumptions, twisting and elevating your understanding of concepts?

I want to know.

My two favourite reads, Umair and Chartreuse, have both recently gone MIA (one, mysteriously, went “back to not existing“).

I’m in desperate need of new thinkers who like the hemmoraging-edge.

Here’s what I’m asking – share a link, in the comments or email, to someone who makes you think; who pushes you forward.

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2007 Goals: Buy a House

Jan 15 2007 Published by under General

Yep, fairly self explanatory. I don’t like paying rent and there are some appealing housing options in Hamilton. However, the idea of being tied to one location through a mortgage is a bit scary [thank goodness for a strong rental market!].

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My Experience Purchasing a DVD Player (or: Constraint and Product Development/Design)

Jan 15 2007 Published by under Startup Strategy

I bought a cheap DVD player this weekend and here’s what was reinforced to me: constraints catalyze creativity, benefiting users.

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