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P&G: Beautiful (and: The Brilliance of (of course!) Italian Bakers)

Oct 31 2006 Published by under Startup Strategy

My love of Procter & Gamble is well known to long-time readers of Disruptive Thoughts so Howard knew that I couldn’t say no to discussing the company and stock for Wallstrip.

I’m long P&G because as technology is disrupting business models in every industry, P&G hasn’t simply survived, they’ve found a way to benefit – not only innovating around product lines and brands but entire business stages and processes pathways.

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Howard’s (Ambitious) New Project: Wallstrip

Oct 27 2006 Published by under Startup Strategy

On Monday Oct. 16 my friend Howard Lindzon launched Wallstrip, an ambitious mash-up of new media – online video, decentralized conversations, aggregated content, user comments, community, … – focused on all things Wallstreet:

Wallstrip is where stock culture meets pop culture. Each day Wallstrip looks at a company whose stock is at or near its all-time high and then they try to understand why – not in the stock world, but in the real world of consumers, products and the market place of ideas.”

When I had dinner with Howard in July he laid out his vision for Wallstrip and I remember being impressed with his vision but unsure whether he’d be even attempt to execute on something so ambitious.

Well he has. And I’m proud of him for what he’s building.

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Start-Up Ingredients

Oct 22 2006 Published by under Startup Strategy

Every start-up consists of some mix of the same three ingredients: ideas, leadership, and capital. Their importance to the success of a start-up rank: (1) leadership; (2) ideas; and, (3) capital.

Interestingly this is the same order for their level of scarcity (leadership is both most important and most scarce).

Maybe more interesting is that the scarcity gap continues to widen.

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Music of the Moment – Indie, Rock, And Soul

Oct 22 2006 Published by under Media

The past week has been enjoyably busy and filled with lots of great new music.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Ben Kweller is incredible, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have a song that I enjoy, and John Legend is filled with soulful goodness.

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Knowing More By Knowing Less (or, How Do You Learn?)

Oct 16 2006 Published by under General

Remember when it was important to remember things?

This used to be so critical that education was (is?) based around learning to remember.

The game’s different now. The way we can learn has changed and if you’re still learning to remember then you don’t understand the biggest lesson of the past few years:

We can now know more by knowing less.

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