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Music of the Moment – My Eclectic Tastes

Sep 28 2006 Published by under Media

I’ve always enjoyed a diverse mix of music. From the first (and last) tape I bought (Nirvana Unplugged) to the first CD I purchased (Genius/Gza Liquid Swords) to my most recent download (Ben Kweller – Run).

Here’s a sample to enjoy.

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Fan Mail

Sep 27 2006 Published by under General,Media

Gotta love the fan mail.

The music selection on disruptive thoughts is weak. As a regular reader I can not believe that over half of the songs are not even hooked up right now. It sucks when I get a shoutout on your website and then zero of the songs on the playlist actually work. I spit in your face.

Love, Beaner

The problem should be fixed now – check the Streampad widget in the sidebar [updated songs there as well].

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Fraser on Influence – Oprah, Lobbyists, John Cleese and the Power of Laughter

Sep 27 2006 Published by under General

Everyone likes to laugh.

Laughter actually is the best medicine.

Cliched, but true. Even Oprah knows that.

In all of my experiments with influence, laughter may be the most powerful tool.

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5 Quick Thoughts

Sep 26 2006 Published by under General,Social Enterprise,Startup Strategy

1) I’ve loved Kiva for months now. And yet I didn’t get involved.

That ended the other day.

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Flash (YouTube) Videos in My Reader

Sep 25 2006 Published by under General

Interesting note: I’ve been receiving (and viewing!) YouTube videos within my reader for Howard and Eric’s feeds for about a week now.

Anybody else experiencing this? Eric, you’re from FeedBurner – what’s the story?

Update: Here’s a screen capture:

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